What we do

More than 12 years of experience.
More than 300 regular customers.
More than 10000 manufactured models.

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More than 12 years we have been modeling jewelry. During this time, 6 years we have been producing models manually and other 6 years with the help of 3D programs.

All this time we successfully cooperate with the private workshops and with the large jewelry manufacturers. The years of work has allowed us to acquire knowledge and experience. All these in turn help us to manufacture models of the highest complexity. Grateful customers help us to aware that we are doing the proper thing.

Justified for years

The reasons why more than 300 regular customers choose us.

The quality of 3D model

You have ordered the item, but it was produced not as you needed? We find out all the details at the beginning, so you get exactly what you wanted.

Terms of manufacturing

If you cannot deliver the item in time, you lose a customer or you see his/her frustration? For each day of delay, we will make a 33% discount.

The price for 3D modelling

You know the cost of 1 hour of designer's work, but at the end he had spent more hours than you expected and you have to pay extra? We have a fixed price for a model, which is discussed beforehand.

Complexity of 3D model

You have submitted an ordered, but they said they cannot perform it? We can make a model of any complexity.

3D model visualization

You need the client's confirmation that the model is done the way he wanted or you need a pretty picture for the webpage? We perform the Render of a model for free!

Modern technologies

We create each model with love! People wear with pleasure the jewelry manufactured according to our models and come back to you again and again.

levels of difficulty
First level of difficulty

First level of difficulty

from 30$

Second level of difficulty

Second level of difficulty

from 60$

Third level of difficulty

Third level of difficulty

from 100$

Fourth level of difficulty

Fourth level of difficulty

from 200$

Fifth level of difficulty

Fifth level of difficulty

from 300$

Sixth level of difficulty

Sixth level of difficulty

from 600$